Message from our head Coach, Ian

Hi all
As we are now in this for at least another few weeks it would be great if everyone could get themselves into a good position for when we finally get back into the water.

Some basic land training working CV such as running, cycling and skipping for at least 20 mins.

Strength/circuit sessions, these can be very basic involving exercises such as press ups, crunches, wall squats, burpees, star jumps etc. Make sure you do some core work such as planks, superman as part of the session.

Flexibility is really important for swimming and stretching provides a good warm up prior to and promotes recovery post land sessions.

There are loads of swimming based land sessions on line providing tutorials and demos if you need any explanations or inspiration.

Also watch some online competition footage of world class swimming. Watch your favourite event and look at how the swimmers complete the race. Break it down, starts (reaction time, body position as they enter the water), underwater skills (how many kicks, breakout drills), stroke proficiency (catch, body position, head position, breathing patterns), turn (where do they breathe, rotation speed, underwater body position and skills, break out), what was the split, back end speed (who’s strongest at the end of the race), quality of the finish.

Finally try and find some fun sessions to watch like the Gatorade challenge from Auburn University for a smile.

Wishing you and all your families a Good Easter and hope everyone is staying safe and well, look forward to seeing you all back at the pool sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.

Please download these training programmes below:

Here is a 4-week home training workout from Swim England