There are no plans to increase the monthly membership fees at present but we are asking that members cover the cost of their annual Swim England individual membership fee this year. Covid is still having an impact on club finances due to increased pool hire costs and by members covering these fees we hope to be able to carry on with the schedule of training we currently have in place. 

The fee for swimmers 8 and under by 31/12/22 is £14.85 (Club Train)

The fee for swimmers 9 and over by 31/12/22 is £36.40 (Club Compete)

The Swim England website gives further details about how these amounts are split by national, regional and county fees.  Swim England membership is mandatory for all swimmers for insurance purposes. Your child will not be allowed to train or compete without it. 

Please transfer the correct amount to the Newquay Cormorant a/c by 31st January 2022 with reference ASA followed by swimmers name. It would be really helpful if this payment could be made separately from monthly fee and gala payments.

Thank you.