It has been determined by the committee that the Club, Development and Intermediate groups will now simply be known as ‘Club’.

Therefore, there will be new fees as follows:

CLUB: £50 per month
PERFORMANCE: £80 per month

Please ensure all Standing Orders are updated ready for 1st October 2021, which is when these new fees come into effect.

Please note, there are updated training sessions from Monday 6th September until further notice, as follows:

Monday 6-7pm @ NV
Tuesday 6-7pm @ NV
Thursday 7-8pm @ WW
Friday 6-7pm @ NV

Monday 6.30-7.30am @ WW
Monday 7-9pm @ NV
Tuesday 7-8pm @ NV
Wednesday 6-8pm @ NV
Thursday 8-9pm @ WW
Friday 6.30-7.30am @ WW
Friday 7-9pm @ NV